Life-Saving Measures

Carbon monoxide poisoning affects a surprising number of social housing tenants, new evidence suggests. Yet it is easily avoided. Martin Hilditch reports

In February 2011 a five-storey block of flats in Aden Grove, Stoke Newington, was rocked by an explosion.

More than 40 residents were briefly evacuated from the north London block following the blast, which destroyed one home. It later emerged that a defective cooker was to blame for the explosion, which was described by one resident as ‘the loudest bang you could ever imagine’ in an interview with the BBC.

Given that the no one was injured and that the landlord – arm’s-length management organisation Hackney Homes – had carried out full gas safety checks in the block, it might be tempting to shrug and say the explosion was ‘one of those things’.



Sourced from Inside Housing